Comunica Blockchain is a marketing, communication and relations agency
public in communication of
decentralized investments.


We know the
keys to publicize business and organizational projects related to
blockchain and cryptocurrencies


We are experts in helping  companies to communicate the offer and distribution of tokens among followers, fans, investors and other potential investors

Comunica Blockchain is committed to a decentralized economy and a decentralized communication, to promote the democratization of the investment in this technology 

Comunica Blockchain evaluates the strategic, economic and ethical foundations of ICOs, thanks to our E3 methodology, before assuming the management of your communication in order to achieve the greatest possible success for everyone: project launchers and investors


When Comunica Blockchain accepts the commission to collaborate in the launch of an ICO, is involved in all aspects of it, from the search for
investors, legal support, marketing, translation of the White Paper into different languages,etc., so that a large part of their remuneration will depend directly on the success of it